• Natural leaven

    Natural leaven

    It is the most important ingredient, the absolutely irreplaceable “quid”, the equivalent of a signature at the bottom of a work of art. Our mother dough is the unique imprint that makes our products authentic.

  • Cocoa


    Oulaidon cacao is produced by a fair trade project which aims to protect the biodiversity of plantations growing more than one type of cacao variety and to develop the quality of stoneground cacao processing.

  • Vanilla


    Vanilla, since we don’t use any artificial flavouring, it is a particularly important ingredient for us: it is the fundamental natural flavour that rounds off and completes the taste of our products.

  • Candied fruit and raisins

    Candied fruit and raisins

    Lemons peel from Sicilian lemons, the peel of Washington oranges from Calabria, peaches, sour Amarena cherries from Istria and Serbia, round apricots from Costigliole Saluzzo. Every year we pick and choose new fruits for our fruity creations!

  • Extra virgin olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil

    In order to find our liquid gold, symbol of Mediterranean countries, we have gone right to the heart of the Iblei Mountains, in South-Eastern Sicily, where the olive, the most ancient tree planted on the Earth, thrives in its natural habitat.

  • milk and butter

    milk and butter

    We use fresh, whole milk that every morning is delivered to us directly from the dairy in our village.

  • Eggs


    We only use fresh eggs produced by free range hens.

  • Honey


    Our honey comes from a specialized company, located in the province of Padova, whose bees are treated ecologically and fly on the hillsides of the Po Valley, in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills.